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Aliotech, your ally in food safety

Strengthen your food processing chain

Discover our innovative, scientific and natural food safety solutions to eliminate the risks associated with contamination during food processing.

Canadian, American and European companies faced food recalls due to Listeria in 2022
years of scientific research initiated by Fumoir Grizzly in collaboration with Université Laval and INAF
reliable food safety solution approved by Health Canada in 2016
products integrated into the manufacturing process at Fumoir Grizzly since 2017

Our solutions to fight food contamination by bacteria

  • BAC M35 - Available in Canada

    Looking for a proven solution to eliminate the risk of Listeria contamination? Unique in the world, BAC M35 can be used as a substitute for traditional microbiological control methods, such as chemical additives and salt.

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  • AlioPro - Available in Europe

    Looking for a proven product to improve microbiological safety and reduce the risk of cross-contamination? AlioPro offers a completely new way of making food processing safer naturally, in compliance with current standards.

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We are constantly developing, creating and improving our solutions for the benefit of food processors and consumers alike.

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Interested in our solutions?